A theory on the afterlife

(Which is probably wrong but who’s to know for sure?)

We have 3 main parts:

The person is alive between their birth and death dates.

If you believe time travel is possible that may not be such a discouraging thought.

The memory of a person may also be a form of afterlife.

The body decomposes or burns

Or is donated

I believe the soul goes to rejoin other souls

Maybe we meet loved ones who have watched over us ❤️ and we can watch over loved ones

It’s plausible that reincarnation happens when the soul is ready for a new experience.

But the honest truth is I realize I don’t know diddly squat about how things work

Or about God

Who I totally believe in, but would not even know how to draw & wouldn’t try even if I did.

Just a theory.

Published by JaimieG

Don't take anything I write or draw too seriously. I don't.

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