Lola’s toys

This is the main toy. If anyone touches it it’s game on.

This is the lesser loved back up.

This is her all time favorite stuffed animal toy. It was born at Ikea. When she visits the pet hotel she takes this toy with her, the employees call it “mini me.”

One time I left “mini me” at home and ended up purchasing this spur of the moment. It’s a sub par backup.

These are the petsmart holiday bears. They last about 3 years in our house. Youngest to oldest left to right.

Lola stinks at catching real rabbits, we bought this to cheer her up. We introduced her to this toy by sticking it in the rabbit hole under the deck. When she found it she acted like she’d been punked.

This has at least 5 functioning squeakies remaining.

This is the toy basket that doubles as a toy.

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Don't take anything I write or draw too seriously. I don't.

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